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Rainna Goel, a Mumbai resident, all of 14 is a proud book author & travel blogger. Her blogs
carry the brand ‘Travels A La Carte’ and her recently published book is titled ‘A Luxury
Wanderer’s Book’. She has confidently marked her presence on various social media
platforms like Google, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the two years.
She has travelled over 24 countries at this young age and has already published 22 blogs.
Rainna has a collective fan following on various networks of over 15,000 followers. During
the secondary MYP, she discovered her liking towards content writing. If you were to search
#travelsalacarte #aluxurywanderersbook #byRainnaGoel, the result page would be flooded
with her interviews, blogs, book information etc. She is India’s youngest travel blogger and
travel book author. Rainna was interviewed on radio and her story was covered on different
other portals.
It was flair for writing and travelling that she amalgamated into a book which then caved a
head start into her life as an author. Her contemporary book is meant for voyagers who feel
an adrenaline surge every time they hear the words ‘luxury travel’. A Luxury Wanderer’s
Book pushes you to set your foot outside your comfort zone. So go out and mark your
transition now!


This book is your passport to a smoother, more grandiloquent travel.’

Tired of travelling to boring destinations the non-luxurious way? This book takes you through a portico of charismatic luxury, thereon soaking you into world-class extravagance and dazzling experiences. Reading through, you would leave your conventional holiday itinerary aside and leap forward into the glitz and glam of the travel world. Chartered planes, luxe adventures, cutting-edge destinations, gourmet meals and top-notch possibilities will replace your someday with now.

This contemporary book is meant for voyagers who feel an adrenaline surge each time they hear the words ‘luxury travel’. Use this handbook as your one-stop guide for planning the trip of a lifetime by making it your most essential resource. So mark your transition now!

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