The Indian Awaz™ | © Author Awards 2020 | Dr. Vibha Shihorkar | Nominee

I am an Obstetrician and Gynecologist by professionand a writer and music aficionado by persuasion. I currently have my private practice at Nashik. I am a mother to two beautiful children, a son and a daughter.

I have been a medical practitioner for the last sixteen years. I have always been an ardent lover of the fine arts, especially literature and music. I first discovered my writing skills when I was thirteen, when I composed an essay in Hindi on the topic ‘kyaaap yudh chahtey hain ya nahin’ which was to be written in twenty minutes with a word limit. My Hindi teacher(Late Mrs. Padma Pagare)complimented me on this essay and told me that I would become a famous author one day.

Later in life, however, the ambition of becoming a medical practitioner and the rigors of accomplishing this aim nearly pushed my passion for writing into oblivion. It is only lately after settling down in my professional life that I decided to express myself through my writing. I sincerely believe that music and writing are my truest means for expressing my innermost thoughts and feelings.

I strongly advocate the cause of women’s empowerment. I have dealt with many women in my professional life and I have been privy first-hand to women of all ages narrating their plight to me and I have counseled many of my patients through their personal travails and tribulations. I passionately advocate feminism but not misandry. I genuinely feel that men should actively involve themselves in empowering women and only then will harmony and balance be achieved. Yin is meaningless without Yang and vice versa.

I have been passionate about music for the longest time. I am fluent in Marathi(my first language), Hindi and English, but can sing in fourteen languages. I have immense affinity for the ghazalgenre. My favourite ghazal-poets are MirzaGhalib(Asadullah khan Ghalib), Faiz Ahmed “Faiz” and Allama Iqbal. My favourite ghazal singers have been Begum Akhtar, Farida Khanum, Mehdi Hassanand Ghulam Ali. Amongst semi-classical and classical singers, I like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi, Sonu Nigam, Shobha Gurtu and Vani Jayaram.

I have grown up listening to fairy tales and as my sun sign Libra also suggests, I have a strong affinity for the romance genre. I have read many romantic stories till date, but I strongly believe in practical romance and not fantasy-based romance. Fiction inevitably involves an element of fantasy, but I prefer writing romantic fiction which is premised on pragmatism. The ending might not always involve the clichéd “they lived happily ever after” but it is certainly attuned to everyday life and what happens around us.

I also like reading books on spirituality and have been profoundly touched by Buddhism. Indian mythology also greatly interests me and my favourite character is the multifaceted Lord Krishna. My favourite author is Osho. His books Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy and Om Mani PadmeHum have endlessly inspired me.

I have been a life-long believer and practitioner of the values of compassion, love and loyalty and I fervently believe that these values reflect and reverberate through my writings



Book: Our Little Secret
Author: Dr. Vibha Shihorkar

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The Indian Awaz™ | © Author Awards 2020 | Yash Tiwari | Nominee

 Yash Tiwari , a 4 times TEDx Speaker and Josh Talks Speaker by the age of 18, Young Published Novelist from Kanpur, Youth Mentor, with internationally acclaimed and awarded Debut Novel “A Celebration In Tribulation” written at the age of 16.
As a Young Public Speaker and Youth Mentor, Yash Tiwari is frequently invited to deliver talks and sessions in various schools, colleges, Literature Festivals, events and seminars. He has delivered talks in various states all around the nation like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, etc. Yash has delivered multiple TEDx Talks, all by the age of 18. He delivered a Josh Talk, which has amassed more than 130,000 Views in less than a month.
He is working at MyCaptain as a Mentor, a TheClimbers  and IIM Bangalore incubated and United Nations recognized company, where he teaches youngsters from all walks of life about how to write their Debut Novel.
He has been awarded among the “Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India by The Indian Awaz”, and recipient of “Bal Ratna Samman” by Maple Bear Canadian School, awarded with “Author Of The Year” award by NE8x, nominated for “Best Debut Author” award by ICMDR, and also awarded with Global Young Leader Fellowship and Karamveer Chakra Award by iCOGNO in association with United Nations.
As reported on various Reputed media platforms, Yash wrote his Novel within a record time of just 22 days. It is the first time when someone has authored a fictional book on the unspoken “Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease”, let alone at such a young age.
Yash has been featured on International as well as National News Platforms. He presented two of his Research-Papers at two respective International Conferences in the year 2018, one of which was organized by the University of Lucknow, while the other conference was held at the Jagran Institute of Management (UGC Approved)


On Ilma’s fifteenth birthday, a bizarre and unanticipated life-ending, incurable disease strikes her out of nowhere, which begins a series of harrowing, yet uniquely inspiring and thought-provoking events for the readers to immerse in.

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The Indian Awaz™ | © Author Awards 2020 | Tanay Kadam | Nominee

Tanay Kadam lives in Mumbai who happens to be a voracious reader, chaotic gamer and a passionate storyteller. He started reading books at the
Age of eight and started writing at the age of twelve. His passion for writing flourished under the mentorship of New York times bestselling Author, Ashwin Sanghi. Make a wish is his first book and he has made many appearance as guest speaker, in many blogs and newspapers. He loves playing fifa and loves observing people.

Book: Make a Wish
Author: Tanay Kadam

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The Indian Awaz™ | © Author Awards 2020 | Harsh Kedia | Nominee

Harsh Kedia is the Head Chef and CEO at Brand ‘N’ Butter and A Diabetic Chef. He is also the CMO at Mooch Design Studio and the author of “Journal of a Serial Entrepreneur”. Further, he is going to be the youngest speaker to give a talk at Gulfood 2020, Dubai in mid-February, 2020. Harsh is the youngest speaker to be represented by The Outstanding Speakers Bureau. Additionally, he is a 3 time TEDx Speaker and has given talks at top institutions like ISB and other premium B-Schools around the country. The above-mentioned book is launching on 7th February in Bandra, Mumbai which would also include a few speakers, press and influencers at the event.

Harsh is a Bsc. Economics Hons graduate, however his work isn’t a reflection of his educational qualification, He’s an avid reader, writer, baker, debater and public speaker. He’s a winner of multiple national and international titles for B-plans and Startup competitions, (List can be shared)

On understanding his work he said, “I speak on a variety of topics such as Food, Nutrition, Desserts, Diabetes related food, Lifestyle.I have spoken at over 100 events, at Indias top B-School.


The award-winning entrepreneur’s Harsh Kedia’s ‘journal’ is a one of its kind, with insights to his journey through years of loving entrepreneurship and business. This book simplified fundamentals of how to start up, literally.

Harsh Kedia one of India’s top motivational speakers and youngest speaker on The Outstanding Speakers Bureau, 3 time TEDx speaker and CEO of 3 companies and head of marketing and consultant at multiple brands.

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The Indian Awaz™ | © Author Awards 2020 | Rainna Goel | Nominee

Rainna Goel, a Mumbai resident, all of 14 is a proud book author & travel blogger. Her blogs
carry the brand ‘Travels A La Carte’ and her recently published book is titled ‘A Luxury
Wanderer’s Book’. She has confidently marked her presence on various social media
platforms like Google, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the two years.
She has travelled over 24 countries at this young age and has already published 22 blogs.
Rainna has a collective fan following on various networks of over 15,000 followers. During
the secondary MYP, she discovered her liking towards content writing. If you were to search
#travelsalacarte #aluxurywanderersbook #byRainnaGoel, the result page would be flooded
with her interviews, blogs, book information etc. She is India’s youngest travel blogger and
travel book author. Rainna was interviewed on radio and her story was covered on different
other portals.
It was flair for writing and travelling that she amalgamated into a book which then caved a
head start into her life as an author. Her contemporary book is meant for voyagers who feel
an adrenaline surge every time they hear the words ‘luxury travel’. A Luxury Wanderer’s
Book pushes you to set your foot outside your comfort zone. So go out and mark your
transition now!


This book is your passport to a smoother, more grandiloquent travel.’

Tired of travelling to boring destinations the non-luxurious way? This book takes you through a portico of charismatic luxury, thereon soaking you into world-class extravagance and dazzling experiences. Reading through, you would leave your conventional holiday itinerary aside and leap forward into the glitz and glam of the travel world. Chartered planes, luxe adventures, cutting-edge destinations, gourmet meals and top-notch possibilities will replace your someday with now.

This contemporary book is meant for voyagers who feel an adrenaline surge each time they hear the words ‘luxury travel’. Use this handbook as your one-stop guide for planning the trip of a lifetime by making it your most essential resource. So mark your transition now!

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The Indian Awaz™ | © Author Awards 2020 | Mr. Subrat Saurabh | Nominee

Mr. Subrat Saurabh – a writer, poet and blogger – is popularly known by his pen name “ChickenBiryanii” on Social Media sites.
Mr. Subrat Saurabh is proficient in writing witty one liners, a skill he employs liberally on Twitter or Facebook using his pen name; thereby making his opinion heard on wide range of issues.
Interestingly, writing short stories and Hindi poetry was his hobby since his childhood days which he continues even now and also he is a keen observer of happenings around him and he loves to get poetic with it.
He is the author of best seller debut book “Kuch Woh Pal” which was widely appreciated and applauded.
His Second book “And We Walked Away”was listed in Top 27 national bestseller at Amazon with in few hours of release and also, a national  bestseller now.

A heartwarming tale of love and friendship” ~ Shuchi Singh Kalra

And We Walked Away revolves around the friendship of three friends in college, with a love story blooming in their hearts. It connects to the kind of boys who are in love and keep trying to convince the same girl in different ways for a long time, not moving on in life. Also, it talks about the kind of girls who don’t believe in love but also, don’t want to take advantage of a boy’s feelings. The girls who are not conservative but don’t want to pursue love.

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21 July 2019

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