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About us

The Indian Awaz, as the name suggests, is one of the biggest platforms which from last three years has been recognizing countries’ best authors, entrepreneurs, social workers and other underrated but important personalities in various fields. Our dream initiative took the form of reality in 2017 with its headquarters in Guwahati city, Assam. The idea came from the fact that there are many authors and literature experts in the country, most of them are achieving great success in their fields as their books are becoming so much popular across the country and because of this they have attracted many followers. Social change makers and budding entrepreneurs they need all motivation and gratitude they can find.

Looking at these factors we “The Indian Awaz” has taken initiative that we will be putting the efforts of these blessed people in front of the common people. Because of this, the people who are unseen in the crowds will be made familiar to a wider public. In three years of time we have titled more than 1000 young talented fellows, and are planning to continue our efforts like this in future.

Participant's Review

We value every feedback and suggestion.


Priyasi Das

"This is a perfect Platform for getting Blissful Appreciation & Recognition. The team is really Supportive!”


Jashoda Chettri

"The Guwahati Founders Meet was an excellent platform for established and budding local entrepreneurs to share, discuss and idea. The meet gave a lot of valuable insight Kudos to The Indian Awaz team for organizing the event so efficiently and bringing the best minds on a single platform.”

Rakesh Mandal

"It is awesome guys that you supporting fitness industry in Northeast and i would thank you all from my bottom of my heart that u r finding the talents in northeast.... Best of luck guys.... Keep going.... We are always with you👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪”

our mission

The foremost aim of “The Indian Awaz” is to reach the entire country and to recognize the people who areefficient at what they do. Also, with this we want to create a big impact on mind of Indian generation. We want to display the principal of hardworking leading to the best outputs.

With the motto of “we believe hard work deserves recognition and the tagline is Recognition of Indians”, let us join our hands together and bring our imagination into picture. Together, with the help of underrated talent, let’s create a new, brighter and applaud able India.


team Member

What we do?

Our goal is to reach inside the mind of young people so that they can also adapt these skills and make our country shine in future. Because of this we used to conduct various events, programs which also include children’s and famous authors, and various activities are also performed in the event so that it can create a deep impact on young generation and they can try to adapt the same.

We want to provide a higher voice to the ones who have been gifted with talent in various areas. We want to break the shackles of under recognition that they have to deal with, and bring them to a higher audience where they can be uploaded for their work and dexterity. Our objective of encompassing large masses is growing with each event that we organised. Till now, Indian Awaz has received nothing but love and support for its prosperity to continue at a higher scale.

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